Gustie Rouser and Circle Song in Verona Posted on February 2nd, 2011 by

The Gustavus Choir forms a GAC on the sandy floor of the Arena in Verona, Italy during the January 2011 tour. (Photo by Stacia Vogel)

Thousands of miles away from campus, the Gustavus Choir shows its school spirit by spontaneously singing the “Gustie Rouser” on the Arena floor in Verona, Italy, during the January 2011 tour.

Gustie Rouser by Gustavus Choir in Verona Italy January 2011

At this historic arena, the choir also sang/performed its “Circle Song.” The signature song is typically done after each public performance. Here it is:
Gustavus Choir does the Circle Song in Verona Arena in Italy January 2011.

If you’ve been faithfully following this blog, you know there was a recording of this done (from the center of the circle) in Rome. That blog post is: The You Tube link is:


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