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Gustie Rouser and Circle Song in Verona

Thousands of miles away from campus, the Gustavus Choir shows its school spirit by spontaneously singing the “Gustie Rouser” on the Arena floor in Verona, Italy, during the January 2011 tour. Gustie Rouser by Gustavus Choir in Verona Italy January 2011 At this historic arena, the choir also sang/performed its “Circle Song.” The signature song […]

Buonissimo Cucina

The 2011 Italy Tour is “exceeding expectations,” according to tour participants. One specific area where there is universal agreement of surpassing expectations is cucina Italiana (Italian cuisine). But that’s no surprise as it is part of the culture. “Eating and drinking is a major pleasure,” explains guide and Venice native Elisabetta. She and Rome native […]