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Glowing Companion Tour Comments

The Gustavus Choir delighted its audiences in Italy as much as the sights and tastes of Italy delighted the Gustie travelers. The choir, however, earned especially high praise from its most faithful fans, the 15 members of the Gustavus Companion Tour. Those tour mates attended every concert and typically sat in the front row. Here […]

View a Photo Gallery

A collection of images from the Gustavus Choir’s January 2011 Class and Tour of Italy is now on the Gustavus Adolphus College Flickr site at Gustavus Choir Tour of Italy 2011. A picture is worth a thousand words, and thousands of images were captured along the way, yet some experiences reside best in memory. For a […]

Gustie Rouser and Circle Song in Verona

Thousands of miles away from campus, the Gustavus Choir shows its school spirit by spontaneously singing the “Gustie Rouser” on the Arena floor in Verona, Italy, during the January 2011 tour. Gustie Rouser by Gustavus Choir in Verona Italy January 2011 At this historic arena, the choir also sang/performed its “Circle Song.” The signature song […]

More to Come

Everyone is safely back home (with the exception of a few who are staying in Europe for some additional time, like one student who is studying abroad in Florence for Spring Semester). And, after a weekend of some jet-lag recovery, more will be posted here through at least Feb. 12, 2011, the date of the […]

Buonissimo Cucina

The 2011 Italy Tour is “exceeding expectations,” according to tour participants. One specific area where there is universal agreement of surpassing expectations is cucina Italiana (Italian cuisine). But that’s no surprise as it is part of the culture. “Eating and drinking is a major pleasure,” explains guide and Venice native Elisabetta. She and Rome native […]

Amazing Architecture

Written by Ben Batz ’12 (tenor) “Add one more thing to the list of romantic aspects of Italy! Beyond the language, the people, and the food, the architecture that surrounds us on a daily basis is enough to stop you in your tracks and force you to adopt a slow pace while you’re out and […]

Moving on to Assisi via Orvieto

After riding a Sorrento concert high, the Gustavus group (unfortunately) had a very early morning wake up call and departure from the beautiful, music-loving seaside community. On the buses heading north on the first rainy day of the tour, the initial experience was waiting in a long traffic jam (which gave most passengers extra sleeping […]

Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Concert

“Buona sera! Mi chiamo Rebecca Hohag. As a junior at Gustavus, this Gustavus Choir trip is my first time abroad. Needless to say, I am soaking up every possible opportunity in Italia! This “soaking up” includes sharing the music we love, sharing good food together, and challenging myself to step outside (or rather, speak outside) […]

Italian Song a Hit

The Italian’s hearts are warmed by the Gustavus Choir’s performance of “Illumina le tenebre.” This Italian song, translated as “Prayer before the Crucifix” in English and composed by Joan Szymko with text from Italy’s patron St. Francis of Assisi, is an audience pleaser. The following video captures the choir singing the piece at the Monday, […]

Mass and Concert in Santa Maria in Trastevere

Just when you think you’ve seen all the beauty possible in one day, something else of beauty is around the corner. After a day of seeing beautiful art in the Vatican — from the museum collection of paintings and sculptures to the smartly engineered and beautifully architectured spaces — another Italian gem is shared with […]