Gustavus Choir Tradition Continues in Italy

Posted on January 16th, 2011 by

The Gustavus Choir has a unique tradition.

Following each performance, the choir swiftly exits the venue, forms a large circle (typically outside because that’s the most suitable space for nearly 60 people to form a circle), and performs a finale for themselves called the “Circle Song.”

Well, this tradition continues abroad.

See for yourself by watching the video of it from “inside the circle” following the choir’s Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011 public concert in Rome:



  1. Jessie Niles says:

    I am missing G choir like you wouldn’t believe! I hope you all have a blast, even though I’m terribly jealous! Savor every moment and remember all of the alumni who are living vicariously through you. Please have an amazing experience and bring your memories back to share with those of us who couldn’t go! Love you all so much!

    Thanks for blogging, its great to read!

    Jessie Niles
    Former Alto