Prague: The Treasure That It Is

Posted on February 4th, 2019 by

—dispatch from Carrie Bather, sophomore alto, “who is having the time of her life on this incredible Gustavus Choir European Tour!” 

Have you ever been to the Renaissance festival? It takes place in Shakopee, MN, right off of 169 on the way to Gustavus throughout the fall. I’ve been going to the Renaissance Festival since I was young(er). It has always been my favorite annual festivity to attend—something about it fulfills a curiosity in my inner child.

Therefore, it’s safe to say touring the Prague Castle and the rest of Prague was an incredibly exciting experience for me. I didn’t know much about Prague before coming here, so learning about the dynasties and history that took place in the exact spots in which I was standing felt unreal. Since Prague is unique to Europe in how much of the architecture and history survived both World Wars, it is as if some of the city is stuck in Medieval times, complete with torture chambers and cases upon cases of the real armor knights wore. 

Aside from the fascinating history, the energy of the city is unlike anything I have ever felt. We luckily had a much needed free day which allowed us the chance to sleep in and explore Prague on our own. I spent time walking down the cobblestone streets of Old Town in Prague with friends, eating lots of food (including Trdlnik, a Czech specialty), hanging out at pubs, and talking to locals.

I’m so grateful for G Choir and this tour, for without it I may have never discovered the treasure that Prague is. I cannot believe Prague was never on my bucket list, however, after my past few days here, I am certain I will eventually return.


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  1. Mary Soukup says:

    Thank you, Carrie, for giving Gustie families a glimpse of what it feels like to be on your amazing tour and to absorb the wonder of Prague and its surroundings. Enjoy your final days on tour. Safe travels back home.