Here we go, GWO!

Posted on January 23rd, 2018 by

By Mara Klein
Director of Fine Arts Programs

Tomorrow is departure day! We spent the evening putting in place the final preparations for tour after years of planning. Our intrepid Manager of Music Tours, Lynnea Eckhoff, led the charge in making sure all bags came in under 50 lbs, checked instruments were bubble-wrapped and tagged with neon tape, and everyone had their stack of concert programs to pack in suitcases.

After all of the planning and the wind orchestra’s intensive month-long rehearsal/class schedule, it’s hard to believe we are actually about to fly! Tomorrow morning we board the busses along with 100 suitcases, nine trombones, four euphoniums, six french horns, eight flutes, 14 clarinets, a bunch of percussion cases, and that’s only the beginning of it. But don’t worry, we like to travel light, so we’re renting the tubas and timpani in Sweden.

Having spent four years touring with the band in college, I am thrilled about what’s to come for GWO students. We are embarking on an adventure that is a unique mix of music and travel that only touring can provide. These students, some of whom are undoubtedly a little nervous tonight, will have life-changing experiences, make friends that last forever, and have moments during concerts that will still give them chills years later. Most importantly, I’m hopeful that they will be able to see in the faces of their audiences the power of the music and its ability to transcend borders.

We land in Stockholm early Thursday morning and hit the ground running. If you’re curious about performances, you can check out our performance schedule here. Throughout the tour, this blog will be updated with posts from our wonderful students, faculty, and staff. We hope you’ll follow us on the road. Busses roll at 10 a.m. tomorrow!

Hej då!


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