Gustavus Choir Performs at London’s Historic St. Paul’s Cathedral

Posted on January 20th, 2015 by

As the first concert on its 2015 International Concert Tour, the Gustavus Choir and Conductor Gregory Aune performed as part of the Evensong service at London’s historic St. Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday, January 18. This performance is the first of 8 concerts the Choir will present in England, Wales and France during its 17-day concert tour. Photographer and member of the Choir, Dan Felton ’15 was allowed to capture some of the moments in the Choir’s first-ever performance in England. As he appears in some of the photos, he may have had a bit of help from members of the staff or the companion tour accompanying the Gustavus Choir on the tour.

Here are a few of the photos sent from the Gustavus Choir’s St. Paul’s Cathedral performance in London.





















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