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Although it’s simple to use the imagery of music as the universal language, it’s so very true. As our time in Krakow came to a close we looked back at the concert at Miechow and its spectacular Basilica and to our return to St. Katherine’s in Krakow. Music is magic and it crosses all ages and languages. As the audience left St. Katherine’s last night, they stopped to shake our hands and, in Polish, thank us. We didn’t need to understand the words — the sentiment of that moment was so strong. Some asked if the Percy Grainger piece on the program was recorded on any of our CDs. A few of the older members of the audience touched their hearts and without words pointed to the “Nearer My God to Thee” listing on their program.  They didn’t need to read the words or know that the Gustavus Wind Orchestra began performing that piece as a special addition to the tour program in 1994 and its first tour to this part of the world. A simple gesture with heart-warming effect. And all with the simple language of music.

Two concerts and two simple, emotional additions to the wind orchestra’s tradition of concert touring and the confirmation that some cliches are true.

Some things in life are priceless.

GWO at Wawel Castle, Prague

GWO at Wawel Castle, Krakow

St. Katherine's Cathedral Concert, Krakow

St. Katherine’s Cathedral Concert, Krakow

On the way to Wawel Castle

On the way to Wawel Castle

At Wawel Castle

At Wawel Castle


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  1. judy fienen says:

    What a happy looking group. The mention of how the music connects is very touching