Our First Performance

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St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

After a wonderful breakfast, we boarded the buses for a tour of the Prague castle. Truly, an incredible area of the city! The students were “wowed” as they heard our guides, Karel and Otto, offer historical insights about the buildings and the great effort that was required to build the castle–requiring 1000 years to finish!

After lunch, we arrived at our concert site–St. Simon and Judah Church–a magnificent space, now several hundred years old.

Because this was our first performance, we invested a good deal of time in our rehearsal/soundcheck. The great news is that the investment paid excellent dividends, for our concert was very strong! The audience of 400+ seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, offering lengthy applause following each piece.

My colleague, Karrin Meffert-Nelson, performed beautifully on her clarinet solo, “Riffs for Lennie,” and my former colleague, David Fienen performed equally well on his Bach organ work. I am so very pleased and honored that they are part of this tour! I must mention also that the instrument on which Dr. Fienen performed was also played by W. A. Mozart!

St. Simon & Judah Concert, Prague

St. Simon & Judah Concert, Prague

We are off to a great beginning!

Tomorrow, on our way to Poland . . .



  1. Andi Readel says:

    Thank you so much for the updates! More pictures please – an interested parent.

  2. Scott Moore says:

    All’s well on the Eastern Front, eh Doug? Glad everything is going great!

  3. judy fienen says:

    Great to hear there was such good attendance. How exciting for the wind orchestra and you all

  4. Jim Behrends says:

    It’s so very nice to be able to follow the tour and to hear that it is going well. What a wonderful place to visit and perform. It reminds me of the wonderful music, the good times and the lasting relationships that happen when on tour. I was 10+ years ago when I was privileged to be able to join you , Al and all the others on your 2003 trip and 40+ since I traveled with the choir. I will never forget those experiences. Remember, “Go Big” when you can!