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First Travel Leg: Waiting in MSP

This morning the travel journey began . . . at 4 a.m. when the students boarded the bus outside of the music building. The bus ride went off without a hitch and check in began at 6 a.m. at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. The 57-member choir and the 15-member companion tour gathered at Gate E10, […]

Gustavus Choir on Local TV

In the afternoon of Friday, Jan. 7, a broadcast journalist with KEYC-TV (Mankato, Ch. 12) came to campus to catch the choir in rehearsal for its Italy tour and also interviewed Conductor Greg Aune and Gustavus Choir President Sam Grace.  The produced story, below, aired on the 6 p.m. news tonight, Saturday, Jan. 8.

The Interplay of Art and Music

In true liberal arts fashion, the Gustavus Choir students are learning how different subjects interrelate. In class on Thursday, Jan. 6, Chaplain Brian Johnson showed art and music timelines leading up to and into the Renaissance. Looking at the artistic creations of the time in political, social, and religious context shows the interconnectedness. Learn more […]

Aesthetic Theory: What’s Art?

The Gustavus Choir members are learning some “heady” stuff — all in preparation for spending time in the Italian culture. Yesterday, aesthetic theory, the practice of seeing, and perception were discussed. Referring to sections from aesthetic theorist James Elkins’ book The Object Stares Back, the class contemplated philosophical questions, such as “What is Beauty?” and […]

The Gustavus Choir and Cultures in Creativity 2011

The Gustavus Choir begins its study of the Italian Renaissance and 17-musical pieces in preparation for its 2011 International Tour in Italy this month.