The Gustavus Choir and Cultures in Creativity 2011

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Music. Art. History. Culture.

These broad topics are interwoven in a special January Interim Experience course for 57 Gustavus students that is sure to be a rich adventure and perhaps even life changing.

The course is intense and includes:

Gustavus Choir members in Cultures in Creativity course taught by Chaplain Brian Johnson '80 on Day 1, Jan. 3, 2011. (by Stacia Vogel)

-all-morning, in-class study of art, history, religion, politics, sociology, culture, and more,
-all-afternoon and early-evening study and rehearsal of music,
-evening homework,
-and a two-week international tour in Italy!

The class is a music course titled “Cultures in Creativity 2011” and is taught by Chaplain Brian Johnson ’80 in conjunction with Gustavus Choir Conductor Greg Aune.

As is the case for Gustavus international music tours, this class provides the academic canvas for the tour. The subject matter is specifically the Italian Renaissance.

Members of the Gustavus Choir on Day 1 of rehearsal starting to learn 7 new pieces of music for tour. (Photo by Stacia Vogel)

The 57 Gustavus Choir members are studying Italy and the Italian Renaissance as well as preparing 17 musical pieces to share during masses and at concerts in historical churches in Rome, Florence, Assisi, Sorrento, and Venice.

Details on the tour are on the Gustavus Choir Tour website at and the concert tour schedule is online at

Stay tuned for regular posts from campus and abroad.


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