GWO in Europe 2010, Day 11, Eisenstadt

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Day 11

On stage at the Esterhazy Palace, Eisenstadt

On stage at the Esterhazy Palace, Eisenstadt

As Day 11 begins with a tearful goodbye to new friends in Pomaz, Hungary, the GWO turns west, toward Austria, its final concerts on the European tour and the return home. However, along the way, the final day of January 2010 offers one more opportunity to combine music and history in the city of Eisenstadt, the location of the Esterhazy Summer Palace.

The Esterhazy Family ruled in Hungary from the Middle Ages until WWI and lived in their summer estate in Eisenstadt for much of the year. They were also Composer Josef Haydn’s patrons. He lived and worked in Eisenstadt, now a part of Austria, for 20 years. It may seem that there have been many castles, palaces, cathedrals to visit along our tour but to visit the palace and home of Haydn was special. To sing on the stage where many of his works received their premieres was another moment to add to the memories of this tour.

Entrance, Joseph Haydn House, Eisenstadt

Entrance, Joseph Haydn House, Eisenstadt

At Haydn home, we were told of a conversation between Haydn and Mozart as the elder Haydn was preparing to travel to London. Mozart asked “How will they understand you when you don’t speak English?” Haydn replied, “My music is understood around the world.”

It was a good lesson the young Mozart and for all of us who choose to use our music to speak with people around the world.


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  1. Duncan and Annette MacKenzie says:

    We were in both Fertod SummerCastle and at Eisenstadt Castle when we visited Austria and Hungary in 1990. We lived in the Hungarian community in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada, for 45 years. The town was name Esterhazy after a man who claimed he had Esterhazy Family blood ties and was granted the name Count Esterhazy, when in the military serviceafter changing his name from John Baptiste Packh.
    The concert Hall in Fertod is lined with music composed by Hyden.
    After the Russian soldiers left the Fertod Castle looted, it has been constantly repaired and some artifacts replaced. It looked grand!