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Thoughts on Tour from the Conductors

After coming back from tour, GSO and G-Jazz had a flurry of concerts including a MMEA performance, our home concert, and others. When we were asked to write about our touring experience for the Friends of Music Newsletter, we were glad to have some time to reflect and collect our thoughts. The 2016 Gustavus Symphony […]

Back to Greece

Written by Kris Reiser February first, we arrived at Anatolia College after a luxurious 10am departure from our hotel. (there were series of 5;30 AM wake up calls in the days before) The word Anatolia refers to sunrises, the direction east, and a region of Turkey. The college we were visiting was on a hill […]

Afternoon Jazz and the Return to Greece

Blog written by Eric Hanson ’16. After a successful concert at the Bitola opera last night, we were up and at it early again this morning. Following a 6am wakeup call and a quick breakfast at the hotel, we hit the road around 7:30. Our destination was Ohrid, a small city in the mountains on […]

Just Across the Street

As the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra and Gustavus Jazz Lab Band’s international concert tour moved from Skopje to Bitola in Macedonia, the beauty of Macedonia became even more obvious. After spending two days in the smothering winter fog of Macedonia’s capitol city of Skopje, it was wonderful to move south and through one of the mountain ranges that […]

Tiny Huge Concert

By Kendra Frey Our second concert, at the Patras Music School on Monday, was a tiny, huge event. The space was tiny. The crowd was huge. After setting up the stage and all of our equipment, we all settled down into our seats and realized that while we all had very little room, there was […]

What a Site!

Written by Elena Gottlick The morning after our concert at the Athens School of Music, two buses filled with sleepy but excited Gusties (accompanied by their trusty tour guides, Alexandra and Maria) headed to two of the famous nine hills of Greece, the Areopagus Hill and the Acropolis. Students learned that the Areopagus Hill is […]

Our First Concert

  Written by Nate Long After arriving at our hotel on Thursday afternoon, we had been on the road or in the air for over 20 hours, and everybody was eager for a long-overdue full night’s sleep. Few of us were truly ready for our 6:30am wake up calls, yet we dragged ourselves out of […]

How We Got to Greece

Written by John Baron I have to admit, when my alarm went off at 3am Wednesday morning I wasn’t exactly jumping out of bed. We all arrived at the fine arts building at 4:15 with common questions being “How much sleep did you get?” And “Aren’t you excited?!” Once the buses arrived we quickly loaded […]